AfroZikBox is a 100% Afro music, sales and streaming platform for African music lovers. It is also a showcase for all events related to African music (album releases, singles, concerts, dance evenings, signing evenings ...) and a social network as it allows musicians of African origin and their fans to be brought together for various exchanges.

The idea of creating AfroZikBox was born from the difficulty to find some of the music that had rocked my childhood. Moreover, many musicians from sub-Saharan Africa are less known to the general public, with limited coverage of their musical works, depriving them of an additional source of income, which leads to the precariousness in which most of them live. The current technological evolution has made the Internet the best tool for the promotion and marketing of music, some media such as CDs having shown their limits. But the musical works of the majority of these musicians remain absent from current sales and streaming platform.

The main objective of AfroZikBox is to make all African music available on a single platform, in order to allow African music lovers to easily find the sound of their dreams, and musicians of African origin to live from their passion.

With AfroZikBox, find all the African music you love on mobile, computer, tablet..., wherever you are and whenever you want. With millions of titles at your disposal, let yourself be pampered by AfroZikBox for an unforgettable moment of relaxation, alone or with friends, and never miss any event related to African music.

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